About EpicALLY


EpicALLY is a YouTube video channel that focuses on video tutorials on anything related to crafts. The EpicALLY blog includes a breakdown of each video. The Quick Videos are short tutorials that provide a brief overview on making crafts, using the Cricut machine, and using Design Space. Use these short videos as a starting point or even as a refresher.

While I learned (and I am still constantly learning, btw) by watching hour(s)-long Youtube videos and reading long blogs to understand how to execute many crafts, I always feel like there aren’t enough short videos and tutorials that can explain and show me what to do quickly. I feel like I am sacrificing my practice time of crafting and creating for watching and learning something that I can master by simply trying it on my own over and over.

This blog is intended for those like me, who don’t always have enough time to watch those long videos AND make crafts. Every “Quick Video” will be a maximum of 5 minutes. For those that can master it with one viewing (I wish I could!), start making your crafts after only watching these Quick Videos once. If you’re a slower learner like me–I have absolutely NO SHAME–watch the short video tutorials over and over again, pause where you need to, or read the blog posts here for a more detailed explanation of each video. Then, start making!

The goal is for you to watch, learn, and create as soon as possible. That’s the intent here. If the short videos are skipping over too much or provide too much explanation to understand something fully, please let me know. Teaching is also a learning process, and I always want to improve. These videos are tailored to you, so always feel free to inform me, so that then I can inform you & vice versa.

Write in the comments here, on Youtube, on Instagram, on Twitter, or on Pinterest. Or, send me a message at info@epicallycrafts.com, or if it’s Cricut-related, send me an email at cricut@epicallycrafts.com.

I want to connect with you, the craft-makers, because I know I can learn a ton through you all as well.

*I currently am not affiliated with any company, so all the views, products, ideas, and thoughts are my own with absolutely zero pay. If I ever become an affiliate or partner with any service, I will let you all know and provide the information in the post. In an age where there’s so much hyperbole, misinformation, and half-truths in order to make an extra buck or two, my brand EpicALLY, and I especially, will maintain complete transparency with my followers. This is a passion project of mine, so I will never resort to cheap tricks or lies to provide you with any product, service, or information.

Happy crafting, amigos! <3



  • For general craft questions and comments, please email: info@epicallycrafts.com
  • For any questions and comments regarding Cricut, please email: cricut@epicallycrafts.com