Make a Box Out of any Paper

Watch the Youtube Quick Video: DIY Box

These fun, little boxes are perfect for storing so many things. Depending on how big you make it, you can put extra office supplies likes post-it notes, paper clips, etc., or you can put your jewelry, or you can simply use it as a decoration (glitter boxes turned upside down are the cutest!).

Making these is definitely easier than I could put into words, but here it goes. Pictures should help as well. And you can keep watching the video to get the steps down as well. Enjoy!

Making the box: (pictures below these instructions)

1. Cut down your paper into a square. This goes without saying, but the bigger the paper, the bigger the box!

2. Fold your paper in half (side to side). Open it up, and fold your paper top to bottom. When you open it up, you should see an outline of 4 squares.

3. Fold each corner into the middle, creating 4 triangles.

4. With all the flaps down, fold the right side of your paper towards the middle. I used a ruler to make sure it was straight, but you don’t have to.

5. Fold the left side of the paper towards the middle, meeting the edge of the other side you just folded.

6. Open the 2 sides up and repeat steps 4 & 5 with the top and bottom of your paper

7. Open the 2 sides you just folded.

8. Now open up the top and the bottom

9. Push the top edges together. It should naturally come together and fold in place (it’s easier to see in the video, but trust me, it comes together once you push the edges together).

10. Fold the top part down towards the middle of your paper

11. Repeat the same for the other side. You can tape it down to secure it if you prefer.

And there you have it!

I know, I know….The breakdown in words probably isn’t the best, but once you do it the first time following each step in the video, it’ll be a breeze. It’s really so easy to do!


Need more visualization of all the text above? Here’s the breakdown in pictures!

Cut your paper down to a square
Fold your paper in half length wise and width wise to make 4 squares
Take each edge and fold it towards the middle, creating 4 triangles
It should look like this: All edges towards the middle creates these 4 triangles



Do it again for the other side: push in the edges
Fold the flap over for this side too
Here’s your box!


Voila! I can’t stress enough how easy it is once you get the hang of it. Have fun with the different paper materials. I love the glitter cardstock. It’s heavier than regular paper, and it makes for a beautiful, decorative piece!

To see this all in action, make sure to watch the video here. Don’t be afraid to watch it over and over again to get it. I repeated the process with different paper, so it’s a really short video!

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Any questions? Comment below!

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