Cutting Vinyl on Cricut

Tips & Tricks for Cutting Oracal 651 Vinyl on the Cricut Maker

This week’s craft tutorial video is extra special! I designed a zipper bag for K-Linda. Check out her amazing beauty Youtube Channel here.

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Krystle Beauty Channel

I’ve been personalizing everything with my Cricut Maker. The obsession with making crafts is real, guys!

The process for learning how to cut vinyl has been frustrating, to say the least. Between weeding and transferring, not to mention designing your image in the first place, cutting vinyl can seem daunting. I hope to do more videos on how to personalize everything with vinyl. Intricate designs call for shortcuts that you may not be aware of unless you go through the whole trial and error ordeal. But, let me keep it real, all that means is that you’re wasting money on material…and who has the money to keep trying things over and over again without success?!

That’s why I created EpicALLY. I want to help the crafting community get to the shortcuts faster. Let’s figure this out together and spread the word on how to do things simpler, faster, and cheaper! That’s why this video was so much fun to do. Not only was I able to personalize a cool travel makeup bag for my bestie, but I also get to show you all the tips and tricks I use to cut vinyl.

KLinda Design.png

When choosing the material setting for this specific design, the Vinyl setting just doesn’t work. Oddly enough, the Washi Sheet setting works. Weird, I know, but this is an insider tip many pro crafters taught me when I was starting out.

Some tips come about after so many failed attempts…like this one: I like to put boxes around my images so that there’s less to pull when weeding, making it less likely to tear. Cool, right?!

The zipper bag is sold only in Walmart stores, and it was so cheap. I’m pretty sure I paid less than $2 for it. You can use it as a travel bag, craft storage, pencil case, etc. I personalized this for K-Linda. Her Youtube channel is full of amazing content, including make up tutorials and unboxing videos for popular subscription services like Glossybox, Boxycharm, and FabFitFun.

But you’re reading this to see in writing how this all works, right? I usually just go straight into the breakdown, but I really had a lot to share with cutting with vinyl!

Here’s the breakdown of the Cutting Vinyl on Cricut video:
1. Place a box around the different parts of your image so that it can be easier to weed later on
2. Make the box the same color as your image, and make sure your image is in front of the box.
3. Attach the images to the boxes (otherwise Cricut Design Space will separate the images to save space when you click on “Make It”)
4. Space out the two boxes so that they don’t overlap. Attach them so that Cricut Design Space will keep them in place on the mat.
5. Make It
6. The Washi Sheet setting is currently the best setting for vinyl. I leave it on default pressure, and the Cricut blade I use is the fine point blade
7. The image on Cricut Design Space shows that it will be a little over 5 inches wide and tall, so I cut my vinyl to a square of 6 inches (vinyl is expensive, so it always helps to do this)
8. Load the mat by pressing the blinking arrow
9. Press the blinking C when it blinks so that the machine can start cutting
10. Press the blinking arrow again to unload

11.Weed out the excess vinyl
12. Weed out the inserts in letters like a and e
13. Use Frog Tape to transfer the vinyl to your desired surface (it’s so much easier than contact paper or the cricut transfer tape)
14. Place it on your surface and scrape gently enough to make sure the image sticks to it. Remove the tape, and you’ve got your personalized product 🙂

Need more visualization of all the text above? Here’s the breakdown in pictures!

Cutting Vinyl on Cricut
Box your images – this will help you later when you need to weed
Cutting Vinyl on Cricut
Make sure to attach
Cutting Vinyl on Cricut
Attach the separate images (otherwise, cricut will automatically place them as close together in order to save space on the mat)
Cutting Vinyl on Cricut
Click on “Make It”
Cutting Vinyl on Cricut
Set your material for “Washi Sheet”
Cutting Vinyl on Cricut
Pressure can be left at “Default” and the Fine-point blade works well.
Cutting Vinyl on Cricut
Press on the blinking arrow button to load the mat
Cutting Vinyl on Cricut
Press on the blinking C button to start the cut
Cutting Vinyl on Cricut
Press on the blinking arrow button again to unload
11 Weed
Weed (see how with the boxes you’re pulling less, making it easier!)
Cutting Vinyl on Cricut
Weed the inserts in letters like a & e
Cutting Vinyl on Cricut
Use frog tape to transfer (it’s so much easier & cheaper than regular transfer tape)
14 Frog tape in action
The image transfers pretty easily onto the frog tape
Cutting Vinyl on Cricut
Place the image on the zipper bag and scrape away. Peel away the frog tape slowly. Pull from different angles.
16 final product
Final product!


I hope these tips and tricks helped you to cut vinyl effectively using your Cricut machine. To see this all in action, check out the short Youtube video here. The EpicALLY blog also features breakdowns on other Youtube crafts, including Cricut crafts on grouping, attaching, welding, and more.

Any questions? Comment below!

(Purple Text in this post:  hyperlink to the Cutting Vinyl on Cricut Youtube Video, links to the Grouping, Attaching, and Welding breakdowns on this site, and links to K-Linda’s channel and videos on Youtube.)

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