Easy DIY Clear Label Using Scotch Tape

DIY Clear Label

An Easy Way to Make a Clear Label

Materials Needed:

  • Scotch Shipping Tape (heavy duty)
  • Scissors
  • Text you want to use from a laser printer (hasn’t worked for me on a inkjet printer)
  • Warm water


Make It:

1. Print out your text. I used an Epson laser machine. If you don’t have one, most libraries, fedex stores, work, and school printers are laser printers. I tried it on a Canon inkjet printer, and it did NOT work! The ink did not stick to the tape after wetting it. (If someone is able to do this with a Canon, let me know!)

2. Cut out a piece of Scotch Shipping Tape and place it on top of your text. This will be your label, so make sure to tape it without any bubbles. I haven’t tried it with different tapes, but any Heavy Duty tape should work perfectly.

3. Cut the taped text. I like to add swirls when I cut, but you can cut straight edges if you prefer.

4. Put the taped text in warm water. Let it soak for about 5 minutes.

5. Gently rub off the paper from the tape. If you feel that there’s more paper on the tape, place it again in the water for another 5 minutes.

6. Continue to rub off all of the paper until it’s all gone.

7. Let the tape dry right side up.

8. Once dried, the tape will be sticky again

9. Use your tape as a label


Need more visualization of all the text above? Here’s the breakdown in pictures!


DIY Clear Label
Print our your desired label
DIY Clear Label
Cut a piece of Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Tape
DIY Clear Label
Place tape on top of your text
DIY Clear Label - Cut Taped Paper
Cut out the taped text
DIY Clear Label
Place your text in warm water and leave it in for 5 minutes
DIY Clear Label
Gently rub off the paper
DIY Clear Label - Wet Again
If you feel more paper that isn’t rubbing off completely, wet again and leave it for 5 minutes. Then, rub off until it’s all gone
DIY Clear Label
Let the tape dry sticky side up
DIY Clear Label
Once dry, stick it on to your desired surface


Easy, right?! To see this all in action, check out the short Youtube video here. The EpicALLY blog also features breakdowns on other Youtube crafts, including Cricut crafts on grouping, attaching, welding, and more.

Any questions? Comment below!

(Purple Text in this post:  hyperlink to the Easy DIY Clear Label Youtube Video and links to the Grouping, Attaching, and Welding breakdowns on this site.)

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